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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

What is Grantable?

Grantable is a world-class grant writing assistant, powered by AI. Our platform brings together all of your grant content and collaboration into a streamlined workspace. It creates a knowledge base and intelligently helps to reuse your existing content to write grants much faster than ever before.

How does Grantable make grant writing faster?

Grantable accelerates the grant writing process by helping you quickly find and reuse content from your existing grant proposals. Grantable's AI uses your own writing to help you draft answers to modify and approve.

How much does Grantable cost?

Grantable's free tier is free forever! Try all of our features to explore writing with AI assistance. Paid plans are perfect for organizations with a higher volume of grant applications.

Does Grantable help me find grant opportunities?

Grantable does not offer grant prospecting services or a database. Many grantseekers opt to use leading paid grants databases or hire expert grant prospectors to help find grants. Many of the freelance grant experts in Grantable’s marketplace offer these services and more.

What happens to data sent to the AI system?

Grantable uses AI models from OpenAI, hosted and secured by Microsoft Azure. Read more here.

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