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What is AI-assisted grant writing?

Grantable is the leading AI-assisted grant writing solution that helps grant-seekers win more funding with less effort. In a clean and familiar writing space, it uses content from your previous proposals to draft responses to new application questions, which you can revise and approve. The platform stores all of your work automatically as a smart content library, and continues to improve as you use it.

Search and reference all of your content

All of your grant proposal content sourceable in one place
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Draft responses instantly with AI

Craft narrative using your facts, figures, and style
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Revise and resize with simple prompts

No more fussing with character counts
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We are pumping out 100-plus grants a month — I have tried every single AI grant tool that's currently available and Grantable exceeds the rest — it's far past.

Kristen Visser
CEO, Grantsimple

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