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How it works

Our Grant Readiness Package gives you expert-crafted assessments and recommendations to ensure you have the strategies and systems that will help your organization and make your grant application more appealing to funders.

What you get

  • An assessment of your current messaging strategy as related to funding opportunities
  • An assessment of current fundraising initiatives including online, grants, and direct donor strategy with suggestions for focus areas and next steps
  • Actionable strategies for improving your back office and moving forward with your fundraising

What does it cost?

While strategies like this are often several thousand dollars, we have created this scalable package for $1,000.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the challenges or areas for improvement when you’re living it. As outside consultants can ask the right questions and make the hard suggestions that are often overlooked or unimaginable when you’re busy making things happen.

FREE 15-Minute Assessment

Have a short 15-minute call with experienced grant readiness experts to get an idea of your top 2-3 challenges or issue areas.

Intake and interview

Complete an intake form to confirm your top areas of need. An additional survey can be shared with staff, board, and other stakeholders. Schedule a 30-minute call to walk through the results of the intake and discovery process and fill in any gaps in information.

We’ll review:

  • Your most recent 990
  • Current basic accounting and grant management systems
  • Your current income and expense allocations with an eye for opportunities for improved fundraising and asset management
  • Any documents you have related to strategic planning
  • Any messaging or branding you are using with an eye toward grant writing

Report and action steps

Receive final report on findings with ideas for next steps, suggestions for moving beyond the current issues and recommendations for future strategies. Schedule a final 30-minute call to go over results and brainstorm where to focus your next steps.

Meet the Experts

To provide this service, Grantable works with JaM, a full-service consulting firm, specializing in overall organizational effectiveness and strategic management and communications and financial strategies. JaM brings a leadership-level marketing, communications, financial management, and fundraising expertise along with a deep understanding of philanthropy and strategic planning for companies of all sizes.

Margaret Chapman


Margaret Chapman has spent nearly 20 years helping organizations with their finance, operations, fundraising and overall programmatic strategy. From national candidates and multi-billion dollar nonprofits to small start-ups, she leverages what’s unique about each group to ensure they are able to leap to the next phase in their growth. She’s trained at being able to understand both funders and applicants and can help translate funders’ needs to match your organization’s goals and objectives.

Jodi Omear


Jodi Omear has more than 20 years experience in strategic planning and communications, change management, and media relations, working with governors, congressmen, the entertainment industry, key media influencers, and executive leadership of organizations. She specializes in high-level strategies, brand awareness, strategic planning, digital and social media strategy, crisis communications, and celebrity management.

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