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Natisha Jordan

Newport News, Virginia
I am a freelance grant writer and human rights education consultant whose focus is youth development. As a grant writer, I am also open to helping non-profit organizations create new programs that speak to potential grantors focus and align with the mission, vision...

Meet Natisha

Jodi Riley

Port St. Lucie, Florida
I am a dedicated nonprofit professional with over 15 years of experience in the field. In 2016, I decided to begin working as a consultant to help nonprofit organizations attain much-needed grant funding and work on development initiatives with their mission in mind.

Eddie Lu

Irvine, California
I am a grant writer and consultant helping individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses secure funding for socially-engaged projects. In the past 7 years, I have worked with clients in the arts, education, community development, and social service sectors.

Lina Tran

Olympia, Washington
Lina Tran is a first-generation Vietnamese American, born and raised in Austin, Texas. She is a nonprofit and communications professional with a diverse background, spanning marketing, advertising, and public relations to nonprofit development and program management. She is passionate about supporting organizations committed to education equity, youth development, and racial justice.

Noortje de Weers

Vancouver, British Columbia
As someone who financed her entire Ph.D. in linguistics through grants and awards, I know how to position your project as the ideal solution so you'll be awarded the funds you deserve. I specialize in Research and Development (R&D) and innovation grants for cleantech companies, but I've had the pleasure to work with clients from a variety of industries–ranging from forestry and consumer products...

Cora Davidson

Olympia, Washington
Hello! I'm Cora and I love playing with words. I've managed to turn this love into a career writing grants and more. I enjoy crafting easily understandable and engaging applications.
I have more than 18 years experience writing grants for a wide variety of nonprofits. Working together with the great teams at these nonprofits, I have raised more than $9 million in grant revenue. Now, I get to work...

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"Lighthouse Labs regularly applies for grants, we've struggled to find grant writers, and Grantable saves us a ton of time, while leading to more funding for our programs. For organizations like Lighthouse that have a heavy reliance on grants, this platform is a game changer! The grant making and funding industry is one that is in need of disruption and Grantable is the startup for the job"

- Erin Powell (Executive Director)

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