Claire Price
Claire Price

Grant Expert from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Elementary and secondary educationEarly childhood educationPhilanthropy and public policyCultural awarenessDiversity and intergroup relationsEducational managementEqual opportunity in educationInterdisciplinary studiesNonprofitsPsychology and behavioral scienceSocial rights

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Full name
Claire Price
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Passionate Subjects
Elementary and secondary educationEarly childhood educationPhilanthropy and public policy
Grant Types
Private foundation, Corporate, Local government, Federal government
Less than 3 years
Average Annual Earnings
More than $1M writing less than 10 proposals
Personal Mission Statement
Writing is story-telling. I seek to uplift stories of innovation and inspiration, to celebrate examples of compassion and action, and to offer lessons-learned and opportunities for change. I write to co-construct thoughtful and inclusive narratives, expanding access to knowledge.
Grant Superpower
I was a teacher, so I know how to break down complex topics in a way that is accessible to any intended audience. I am a leadership coach, and I know how to both project manage and coach toward goals. Overall, I am a learner and value geeking out on shared passions.
My Keys to Success with Clients
I root my approach in 3 “Ts” that I believe have helped me succeed in consulting/freelance work: trust, transparency, and timeliness. Trust is constantly being formed, from the beginning of a first encounter to the final submission and sign-off. Transparency and timeliness are two ways to build and maintain trust. Building a relationship rooted in shared passions helps as well. I am personable, and I enjoy the work of getting to know someone and their vision. Overall, I utilize the 3 “Ts” to establish shared expectations and consistently produce work that is up to standard.

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