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It's a big world out there! You've got a unique combination of amazing skills and experience, and we help the right clients hire you for what you do best. Here's how we evaluate grant writers who apply to join Grantable.

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3-Step evaluation process

Grantable has carefully designed our intake process to assess your experience, professionalism, and writing quality.

Grants experience

First, we ask you about your recent grant outcomes. Years of experience, quantity of grant proposals per year, 12-month estimated earnings, and grant types are examples of criteria we evaluate. We don't ask about win rates.

Professional skills

The second phase is an interview. We're trying to understand your aptitude for managing all kinds of clients and challenging scenarios that arise when working as a freelancer. We ask about your organizational systems and also conflict management.

Writing evaluation

In the final phase of our evaluation process we ask you to submit writing samples that are evaluated by software for grammatical and spelling accuracy, vocabulary, and we screen for plagiarism.

Freelancers who pass this final phase of our intake process are invited to create a profile on Grantable and can immediately begin accepting paid grant jobs!


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