If you're like most grant writers, you know that collaboration is key when it comes to writing a successful grant proposal. But did you know Grantable makes collaboration easy? With Grantable, you can write in one document, in the cloud, and decrease confusion and increase efficiency. In this blog post, we will give an overview of the collaborative writing features available in Grantable.

What is Grantable and why is it the best way to collaborate on grant proposals?

Grantable is a platform created to make grant writing as easy and efficient as possible. With several time-saving features that help you to organize your content and leverage it when writing, Grantable allows users to write proposals faster than ever before.

Grantable allows you to create projects, which hold all of the materials and tasks associated with a grant application. Within the project, you can create documents and communicate with collaborators within each document by commenting and tagging them. You and your team are also able to work on the same document, at the same time.

Your collaborators also have access to your Smart Library, which contains previous proposals with text to draw from, as well as your Snippets, which hold bits of frequently needed information.

How do I create a grant proposal with Grantable?

Getting started is easy. Simply log into your account and create a new project in your dashboard. Give your project a name, identify the grantor, and supply some optional information for context. Add the RFP, or the document containing the questions to be answered, and you're all set to start working together with your team.

Why is Grantable better than the alternatives?

It used to be that individuals working on the same grant application would write separately in different documents. This created all kinds of challenges when the time came to merge the various authors' writing into the final version. In Grantable, work is done in a single cloud-based document, so there is no question as to which version is the latest one.

With commenting and simultaneous editing, users can work out different perspectives and share ideas in real-time, rather than working separately and trying to reconcile after the fact.

Most organizations struggle to maintain a well-organized library of grant proposals, especially when they're applying for a high number of grants. Proposals get lost and confusion over the various drafts leads to mistakes and hours spent searching for text to reuse. Grantable's Smart Library and Snippets make it much faster for everyone to find the information needed, and everything written in Grantable automatically becomes part of the Smart Library.


So, there you have it — three compelling collaborative advantages gained by using Grantable to write your grant proposals. We think this platform is the best way to collaborate with colleagues and partners, plus it’s simple to use and makes proposal submission a breeze. Give it a try!