The job title 'grant writer' doesn't quite capture what these versatile fundraising experts really do. Not only are they talented wordsmiths, they are like wise guides capable of leading organizations through the uncharted wildness that is grantseeking. To maximize your chances of finding grant funding, check out these other important roles independent grant experts can play in addition to writing your grant with you.

Getting ready to go after grants

Grant experts can help you determine if your organization is ready to go after grant funding. Before writing a single word, proper preparation can help you address any vulnerabilities a grantor might be concerned with before you spend time and energy to apply for a grant.

Saving time finding the right opportunities

Many grant experts are proficient prospectors who can help you find grant opportunities that are well aligned with your organization's needs and capacity. There are numerous directories and databases that list millions of grant opportunities, and for beginners they can be expensive and overwhelming to use. Working with someone who is familiar with these resources and the grant funding landscape can save you tons of time trying to make sense of everything on your own.Pro tip: There are grant experts who specialize in prospecting and are exceptionally efficient. Consider working with a prospecting specialist to find opportunities, and then applying for the grants you're interested in on your own, or working with another independent grant expert.

Setting up your proposal library

After spending hours honing each sentence in a beautifully crafted grant proposal, it makes sense to reuse your nifty narrative assets to save time drafting your next grant proposal. Efficiently locating and repurposing just the right snippet of text is a skill many grant experts can help you and your team to develop. Utilizing this technique efficiently begins with organizing your materials so they can be accessed and searched easily. Grant experts can walk you through how to create a grant proposal library that makes sense for your organization.

Developing your grantseeking strategy

Grantseeking is active and evolving pursuit that is never quite finished. Organizations early in their grantseeking journey should be focused on winning their first few grant awards, those in a middle phase should be focused on diversifying their grant awards, and advanced grantseekers should strive for larger awards, perhaps from national level grantors, to keep pace with rapidly expanding programs. Grant experts can serve as strategic consultants to help organizations understand where they are along this continuum, and how to plot a course to reach the next milestone.

Connecting you to other experts and resources

Grant experts are very community-centric folks! Many earn grant writing certifications, belong to professional associations, and participate in forums with fellow experts. In doing so, they form networks spanning every possible subject area, grant type, and geography and can often refer you to another expert if the first person you speak with doesn't have availability or the specific type of experience you're looking for. They may also be able to share helpful resources, such as guides, best-practices, and other troves of information to help you.


Of course, grant experts who offering writing services should be able to help you author excellent grant proposals. But overlooking all the other important ways they can help an organization improve grantseeking outcomes is a mistake to avoid. Highly experienced individuals will have worked with dozens of clients and produced hundreds, if not thousands of grant proposals, which gives them particularly valuable insights that can save time and win more funding for your work.